The Quantum Realm is an alternate dimension that can be accessed when a character's mass (such as Ant-Man or Atom) becomes too low. In the Quantum Realm, there are varying naturally occurring particles, each with a different kind of core and shell.

To exit the Quantum Realm you must find a Subatomic Particle Core and right click it.

  • NOTE for those who do not know, the Subatomic Particle Core is impossible to mine legitimately. You must right click while in its placed form.

Particles Edit

At the center of each particle lies either a sub-atomic or tachyonic particle core, which has a certain amount of gravitational pull, depending on the size of the full particle; the smaller, the stronger. All particles other than the yellow tachyonic particle have a sub-atomic core.

There are several kinds of particles, each with a group of blocks that make up the shell and core, and a size range in which they can spawn.

Radius Rarity Outer Shell Inner Shell Core
Subatomic 8-16 1/3000 Subatomic Particle Shell Subatomic Particle Shell Subatomic Particle Core
Tachyonic 4-8 1/6000 Tachyonic Particle Shell Tachyonic Particle Shell Tachyonic Particle Core
Stone 4-16 1/3000 Stone, Ores Ores Subatomic Particle Core, Bedrock
Obsidian (small) 4-8 1/1200 Obsidian Obsidian Subatomic Particle Core, Bedrock
Obsidian (large) 16-32 1/3000 Obsidian, End Stone Obsidian Subatomic Particle Core, Bedrock, Lava
Ice 4-8 1/600 Ice, Packed Ice Packed Ice Subatomic Particle Core, Bedrock
Nether 4-8 1/600 Netherrack, Nether Quartz Ore Glowstone Subatomic Particle Core, Bedrock
Lapis 3-6 1/600 Lapis Lazuli Block Lapis Lazuli Block Subatomic Particle Core, Bedrock
Quartz 3-6 1/600 White Stained Glass Block of Quartz Subatomic Particle Core, Bedrock