Fisk Heroes Wikia

Falcon is a Tier 2 character.


3200 material (or 7 tutridium gems) per suit piece.

Powers & Abilities

  • Gliding Flight
    • Press "space" (jump key) while falling to activate wings and begin flying.
    • Hold "W" (forward key) to accelerate, release to simply glide.
  • + 85% Damage Reduction
  • + 3 Fall Resistance
  • + 50% Attack Damage
  • + 1 Jump Height
  • + 3 Punch Damage


  • Wings
    • Flying straight into a mob or another player will do damage to them, scaled by the speed and angle you attack at.
    • Diving straight into the ground at a steep angle or at a high speed can cause the player to take serious damage. In order for a safe landing, you must be as horizontal to the ground as possible and/or be going at a slow speed.