Fisk Heroes Wikia

Atom is a Tier 4 character.

He can change his size by shrinking. When shrunk down, he deals 50% more damage.

When he is shrunk, the bar at the bottom indicates his mass - when his mass gets too low, he will get transported into the Quantum Realm. He is capable of surviving there by closing his mask.

At his smallest size, he is capable of entering gaps of 1/16 block size (such as the gap in a staircase, or even smaller, between chests).


5632 material (or 11 tutridium gems) per suit piece.

Powers & Abilities

  • Propelled Flight
    • Hold space to fly
  • Size Manipulation
    • Shrink (Suit Ability 1)
    • Grow (Suit Ability 2)
    • Miniaturize Suit (Suit Ability 3)
    • Hover (Suit Ability 4)
  • + 95% Damage Reduction
  • + 90% Attack Damage
  • + 6.5 Punch Damage
  • - 2 Sword Damage