Fisk Heroes Wikia

Ant-Man is a Tier 2 character.

He can change his size by shrinking. When shrunk down, he deals 50% more damage.

When he is shrunk, the bar at the bottom indicates his mass - when his mass gets too low, he will get transported into the Quantum Realm.

At his smallest size, he is capable of entering gaps of 1/16 block size (such as the gap in a staircase).


3008 material (or 6 tutridium gems) per suit piece.

Powers & Abilities

  • Size Manipulation
    • Shrink (Suit Ability 1)
    • Grow (Suit Ability 2)
  • + 85% Damage Reduction
  • + 2 Fall Resistance
  • + 2.5 Punch Damage
  • + 0.5 Jump Height